Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top 5 Treasures in Vancouver

Here are my top 5 treasures of Vancouver!

1.)The Pacific Cinematheque 
Is the best place to go, catch an black and white classic, or a wacky foreign film on a date night out on the town. With film festivals and director series constantly on the go, there is always something to explore that you have never heard about. They have the best popcorn in the city, and a friendly staff of volunteers eager to help.

2.) The Templeton Diner
Almost invisible amongst the hustle and bustle of the touristy Granville St, the Templeton is a rare gem on Ma and Pa diners in the city. Stepping into the 50's diner you are transported back to a simpler time, where dames wore pencil skirts, and our men puffed up their chests with leather jackets. With themed booths equipped with working jute boxes, amazing vegetarian poutines, and adorable waitress's to boot, its easily a treasure in this fast paced world.
*If you call ahead on a Monday night they may also be showing a film on their projector, which is what really drew me into the restaurant many years ago. On any other night it is also just around the corner from the above mentioned Cinema, so you can always catch a flick and then dine with the finest.

3.) Prop house Cafe
I am blessed to only life 1 block away from this lovely cafe, with its records, amazing frothy drinks, and ambient antiques, there is nothing like it around. I will generally bring a stack of things to work (knitting, sewing, reading, writing, etc.) and make a little space to myself in the back record room, and camp out for the afternoon. The manager of Prop house even comes around and talks to all his customers, making you feel even more at home, in such a beautiful space he has created.

4.) Sweet Revenge
"Living Well is the best Revenge" - George Herbert
Their motto for the gorgeous cafe, is perfect when paired with the ambient vintage light fixtures, and blood red wall paper. There is little not to fawn over in this lovely dainty cafe, where they only serve ice wines, teas/coffees, and the most delicious array of deserts. They are only open from 7 pm onwards, so they are a great pairing for a late night romp on Main St, (say perhaps after a penpal writing club :)).

5.) Rio Theatre
Is the place in the city for late night cinema fun, and a ability to get rowdy with your old film favorites. Ive seen many a film there over the years such as Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Princess Bride, Goonies, and the list goes on. I have also seen many beautiful performances such as poetry slams, concerts, and other live entertainment. Last Friday instance I went and saw the Rocky Horror picture show there with my sister, and a group of amazing friends, where we all dressed up the the nines in Rocky garb, with props in hand, and watched the shadow cast version of the show. There is nothing like a good Rocky showing to get you into the adventurous mood. (Pictures to come soon).

Well those are my most treasured places in the city, but some of the others that did not make the cut are.

If you are a Vancouver Native what are some of your favorite places in the city?
Have fun exploring!
Love Nymph


  1. Oohhh. You've found some amazing treasures. Out of all of those, I've only been to Cafe Deux Soleils!

    I love the Butterfly Garden Cafe on West Georgia & Seymour, downtown. The owners are adorable and super nice, the coffee's always good, the sandwiches are incredible, and the almond pastries are so delicious I'm hungry just thinking about them. Plus it's kind of neat sitting in this comfortable little cafe, and watching all the people in the heart of the city go by.

    Other than that, my only other real treasures are the Locus Restaurant on Main [which you would LOVE, if you haven't already been! there are enormous, beautiful trees inside of it!] and the refreshment stand at Lumberman's Arch. I dream of those french fries...

  2. Awesome! I have walked past the Butterfly and the Locus and always wondered about then! I will have to check them out! And that stand sounds great too, I am always up for great french fries!

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