Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

This is where my Thursday began...
Well not really... 
I was cozied up in my blankets before this in bed...
But since my man went to go make yoga, and deliver horoscopes to shop clerks,
this is where I had been...
I knew it was truly Spring, 
not because of the sunny rays on the streets,
but because I finally pulled down the streamers from my birthday,
clearing way for springing ahead.

My kitchen garden doth grow,
and perhaps it shall venture outside if there be no more snow :)
I can't wait to attack my backyard with my green thumb, 
and create a bountiful garden like never before seen!
We are also going to turn our compost completly, 
repaint the picnic table, benches, and fire escape, 
and build a raised garden bed for our veggie friends.
Maybe I can even find room for a hammock amougst the oasis....
ahhhh *swoon*

I started this crazy diet last Monday,
which consists of veggies, 
protein (in my case tofu and fish),
and legumes.
Ive never done anything this strict before 
but its making me feel really energetic 
and look at food choices a little differently.

 I am able to have red wine on this diet which is awesome, 
and even better there is a recommended "free for all" day every once a week,
I don't however like the absence of fruit, 
which I think the worst part about it.
Since I can comprehend not eating bread or sugar,
and even milk and cheese to an extent,
but MAN do I ever miss my fruit.... :(

I'm going to see how it goes for another week,
and evaluate how I am feeling and whether
I want to introduce some basics back into my meal plans.
Like say... FRUIT! 
Today on a whole was amazing...
letter writing to lovely ladies
errands in the sun
walking from my home to my volunteer shift downtown 
(gorgeous hour long walk)
long bath, followed by clean warm linens,
happiness abound.

Thanks for all being wonderful :)
Love your Nymph
xoxoxoxoxo etc.

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  1. can't wait to see your garden! and your diet sounds tough but nutritious!