Sunday, March 6, 2011

I DID IT!!!!!

Yesterday I went NAKED BUNGY JUMPING!!!

*Just in case my roommate didn't want to be shown naked on my blog, 
I blurred him out as well as our bits :)* 

It was an absolutely breathtaking experience,
right down to the hanging upside naked off of a bridge 
waiting for a guy on a raft to come over and unhook you!

Sure I was scared, and there was even the moment where I already had my ankles tied,
and I was at the edge thinking, what in hell am I doing... 
But at that point you just have to trust that nothing is going to happen to you 
except an experience of a life time :)

I am already thinking of going back next year with a larger group of friends!
Anyone in ?
Its also got me thinking about making my own, official bucket list for the year 
(or on to complete before I'm 30),
As we met some awesome people on the ferry who were working on there own lists.
I've already got some ideas up my sleeves, so maybe in the next week I will have mine posted on here :)

Hope your weekend challenged your bravery in some way!
Love Nymph


  1. i'll come next year! especially since it's in my neighbourhood :) it's definitely something on my "challenge" list because i never would've considered doing it before. i'm trying to work myself out of my comfort zone, and so far, it's been a lot of fun!

  2. when I was in cuzco one of my good friends went, but I just didn't find it to be worth the money to me at the time! apparently at this place if you went naked you didn't have to pay though, which I briefly considered, ha. Did you get to go for free?? either way, congratulations :)

  3. Apparently in years past they made it for free and it was hosted on Valentines day <3 but at least it was only $30 instead of a hundred and it was for charity :)

  4. Excellent one of these days but I wish they would do in in the summer to damn cold! There are some naked running events one of them in Vancouver at Wreck Beach. Then there's the World Naked Bike Ride Events they are all around the world Seattle has one in June.

  5. Yea I am totally going to do the Naked Bike Ride, and I do enjoy my time at wreck beach but I am not sure if I am down with a run :P Thanks for the info!

  6. That took a lot of courage.

  7. Congrats to you.. I also jumped naked in new Zealand. This experience makes it very difficult to put your clothes back on.