Monday, January 31, 2011

Another crazy week!...

Sorry again for not posting for a bit as it has been yet another busy week in Nymph land!

 Monday: I went to the Ween concert with my man and his best friends, and got so superbly hammered that by the time 9:30pm rolled around, I had to sober up and roll my love home in a taxi cab :) Ive never been on the opposite end of having to take care of someone whilst they are drunk as a skunk. It was actually quite a pleasant experience for me as I really love this gentleman of mine, and really had no problem with taking him home to bed and feeding him glasses of water, whilst rubbing his sweet little noggin. The most ironic part was that the lead singer Gene Ween, also got so plastered during his performance that his band left him on stage to finish the concert by himself...

Tuesday: I went to my friend Daniel Chai's Burlesque and Improv show at Cafe Deux Soleils, which was a lovely combination of tits and wits. I also found out that I am for sure performing at the next Show us your Wits which is very exciting as my alter ego "Rita Rockette" hasen't performed in quite sometime and has been itching to take her clothes off on stage ;)

Wednesday: I had a lovely date with my best friend Karina! We ordered pizza and scrapbooked for hours, it was amazing ! I truly love that girl and I am getting very addicted to having craft nights like these, and hope that in the future I will be able to start my own craft club at my home!
*Side note : I also finished my huge UK trip scrapbook! So yet another check off my goals for the new year!

Thursday: I helped my man deliver the Georgia Strait around Granville Island, and enjoyed the day fiddling around art stores with him till we went our separate ways. Then I did my weekly stint at the Pacific Cinematheque where I watched yet another amazing Charlie Chaplin film! I am loving these films as Chaplin is a genius of the silent film era, and I love diving into 30's with his masterpieces. The first one I saw this week was a short called "Sunnyside" which was just a comical short about a day in the life of a  daydreaming working man who falls in love this woman, who he then has to try and win the affection of from this new man in town. The second was a different type of film from Chaplin as it was a drama called "A Woman Of Paris" about a woman who leaves the engagement she has for marriage behind, to find a life for herself in Paris. And what a life indeed she finds as she is courted by a handsomely rich suitor, and finds that her past then catches up on her. Charlie actually doesn't appear in this film and actually tells us that at the starting of the film so that we are not to be confused by the genre and character switch from his normal films. Both are certainly worth a watch!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday : I spent the weekend in Victoria where we .....

Went to the BC Royal Museum 
Left my bra at Big Bad Johns Pub (and got a tshirt to prove it)
Went to the acclaimed Pagliacci's for dinner
Checked out the beautiful Christ Church Cathedral for Sunday Mass
Learned how to sew dishcloths and now am hooked! Almost finished 3 of them!
And overall just relaxed with my lovely mother and sister! 

Hope you all had a lovely week too! and p.s. I am lonely for mail
so if there are any penpalers out there in blog land 
just let me know if you want to be snail mail buddies :)
I would adore that :)
Love Nymph xoxoxoxo etc

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