Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Goals

As corny as it might be, I still believe in making goals for the new year. For what better a time than the beginning of year to look upon all you have accomplished in the last.

So here is my list of hopes, dreams and goals for the year ahead :

-Continue to work out at the gym every day except Sundays (with exceptions for pain, crunched time, and holidays)
-With that try to fit yoga back into my life again and create a new regime for myself
-Take Vitamins daily (however insignificant this one may sound, its really important to note)
-See an academic advisor at Douglas College to see how many courses I need to finish my degree
-Try again to register for the Sign Language course at VCC for their Summer semester
-Get up on the Vancouver Poetry Slam stage at least once this year
-Finish my travel scrapbooks (New Orleans and UK) before I venture on new trips around the globe (Mediterranean and San Fran)
-Get my hot air balloon tattoo!
-Attend more classes : Sewing, Pottery... etc
-Attend more clubs : Books, Pen pal, Knitting... etc
-Make more crafts : Bath Bombs, Wine, Blogging ;)... etc

Well there's a start at least! Lets see how I do :)

  - Love Nymph


  1. What are you doing your degree in?

    I know of a group that is doing naked bungee jumping in March too as a fundraiser.

  2. Just doing an associates arts degree at Douglas... not a huge fan of it but I know it will be nice to have under my belt :) Are you going to go jumping too?