Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cat to Good Home

New news in the life of Nymph is that there is a cat named Kati living temporally at my home. My roommates just started fostering cats from the SPCA, which means that we take in sick cats for 2 weeks at a time and nurse them back to health, so that they can go back and get adopted sooner.

When we first got her last week she was a complete grump. She had infections in her ears, eyes and sinus, and she would just sit there and growl when you tried to pet her. But you could tell there was something more under this sick and tough exterior, as she would come up and rub up against us with pained little cries.

Two days later she was almost completly a new cat, as her eyes cleared up and she wanted to cuddle and sleep in our beds (not mine though cause my man is mildly allergic).

She is just over 6 years old, very very cuddly, and sweet with a lot of love in her. And well I guess what I am saying is that she needs a home so if you can find it in any of your homes to adopt and beautiful, cuddly, pudgy kitty just let me know, so we can find her a loving home.

Over our time fostering I am going to post all our cats to my blog in the off chance that one of them might catch your fancy and you might want to take them home with you!

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday!
And Give your pets a cuddle for me!

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  1. That is so admirable of you for taking care of these fuzzy little creatures. Sometimes all an animal needs is some medicine and a snuggle. :)