Sunday, January 16, 2011

Merry Sunday To You All!

Sundays are my favorite days of the week... especially when they are rainy, with small spurts of sunshine!

I got to sleep in this morning next to my man-friend after much pouting on my part last night for the alarm not to be set... suffice it to say I won and happily got to lay in bed till our tummy grumbles could no longer be pacified.
There is something to be said about living in a walkable community where your favorite coffee shops are just a mere skip down the lane and your favorite breakfast joint is just a nice 10 minute walk down the bustling Sunday morning street. I love Commercial Drive! Everything about it from its Cheers like quality of recognition, to its abundance of culture and spirit.
We visited the coffee shop my man works at with his adorable co workers for some pre-breakfast coffee/tea warms ups (I can't get the hang of coffee), and then continued down for a stellar breakfast at Cafe Deux Soleil which is always filling and delicious, even if we had to wait in a line up that went out the front door...

Afterwards we wandered slowly back down the street, linking arms, buying gourmet chocolates and taking photos..
Whats exactly is coming soon?
Plants trying to escape apartment?
Is the phone to God really located in a cafe bathroom?

After coming home and decompressing for a bit, I headed out to my favorite coffee shop conveniently located a block away from me, for some crafting and reading times...
Here's the book I am reading right now for book club, called "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave. The inside cover tells me not to tell anyone what it is about but I will tell you this... even just being 40 pages in, I am glued and I love how the content matter of the story is serious but it is told in such a comical fashion, that it is both heart wrenching and light at the same time.
For crafts I recreated a pin wheel pin that I learned how to make at a recent craft fair, when Spool of Thread graciously taught a free workshop on how to make these adorable brooches.
All you need is :
- felt cut into 4 x 4 squares
- complimentary fabric squares cut 3.5 x 3.5
- needle and thread
- safety pins (preferably on the smaller side of medium)
- larger buttons of your choice
- fabric scissors

Then you...
Fold the felt diagonally and cut two small (emphasis on small) slits into the fabric like so to slide the back of a safety pin through.
Turn over and place the cotton fabric on top of the felt patch and cut in from corners to the middle being mindful of the slits you have made for the safety pin so that you don't cut too far!
Then fold every second corner into the middle and sew them down being again mindful of being able to still open your safety pin so that you have pin it to your lovely lapel :)
The final step is to sew on your button!
And Voila!
You have a beautiful pin wheel brooch,
that makes perfect pen pal presents, 
and that you are going to want to fasten safely to
all your favorite winter coats!
But be prepared to get many 
compliments from crafty connoisseurs! 

Hope you all have a wonderful sleep into your Mondays!
Love - Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox etc...


  1. *drip drip*
    The sound of ones heart melting.

  2. Little Bee was so good! I bought it before my trip to Peru and read it while I was there, and it had a really deep effect on me. I was doing exactly the opposite of what the characters were doing on their trip abroad, and yet the questions of how you deal with what you've seen while you're somewhere else once you get home were definitely relevant. anyway, great read!