Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Found Pleasures

I stumbled into the art of Knitting this weekend... and it may be safe to say that I am now 
thoroughly addicted. 
Knitting has always been a close friend to my family so I cannot say I had never dabbled into it before, but this weekend was different. 
My friend Sarah (featured below), invited me to her knitting club, full of sci-fi nerds and gamers alike, who delight in knitting for hours on end, and then follow up their crafts with episodes of Doctor Who. Can you say heaven in a cafe?
So my obsession for finding rare gems in this city continues, as the Cafe Fontana on Hastings and Broadway creates a safe haven for the geeky misfits of Vancouver to share in their nerdy hobbies. If you aren't a fan of knitting, sewing or creating, you can pull up a board game, or share in a friendly battle of Foosball. There are also other themed nights at the cafe to attend like the oh so popular Glee nights on Tuesdays for all us "Gleeks" out there. 
Now back to my overbearing knitting obsession... 
Yesterday I had a beautiful surreal moment whilst toting around my needles and yarn. I ran into my favorite customer at work, who I then began to present my new treasure, "Look! I just found out I love Knitting!" I exclaimed.
"Funny that! I just found out that I hate Knitting", she giggled. "Would you like all my needles and yarn?"
No sweeter words were spoken.
I followed her back to her place just a mere 2 blocks away, and not only got to dive into her amazing wool collection but fall into a deeper friendship with this amazing woman. 
What a treat to be invited into someones home. To be trusted. To be treated. To be loved so much by a friend. 
This week has show me a lot of that. 
The love of friends.
- Worshipping at the Hare Krishna temple Sunday night and eating a divine feast with golden aura bursting beauties
- Teaching the art of Origami to candle lit table of new friends at Poetry Slam
- Attending a sewing class with my beautiful sister and mother tonight (more on that later)
- And tomorrow hosting my first craft and board games night in the comfort of my own hearth, with only my dearest loves

I am truly blessed.
I really am
     -Love Nymph 

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