Monday, February 7, 2011


This word keeps coming into my life this week,

With blog posts like this one,
And video journals like this one,
and horoscopes like this today in the 24 newspaper...

"Keep exploring. Writing a diary can be very helpful. Don't waste your time with gossip.
Your ideas deserve better. Look into publishing your words"

I wholeheartedly agree that if you should create something everyday in order keep your mind alive and active. It can be such a simple task that so many tend to neglect, 
especially with all the technology that we now have at our fingertips, 
sucking us to their vortex of status updates and online photo albums... 
at least those are my personal traps....

Here are some creative ideas :

Re-vamp a piece of furniture that you have always hated 
but never found the time to do anything about..

Before :
After :
*note: looks kinda shitty in this picture but actually 
matches my wooden bookcase that it sits on :)

Send valentines to all the ladies in your life (and special men! )
- Ive been creating unique valentines for each of my pen pals, family members,
and every lady at my work as well. Its a simple way to spread some love as well.

Making a meal! 
(Picture taken from my date last night)
Cooking is such an amazing craft, and such a rewarding one to boot!
Why not take the time and put the pleasure back into creating a meal, 
especially with a loved one! 

Even going to a show can be creative!
Especially when you gain inspiration from its beautiful performances!
-Because I am going to be performing later on this month, it was amazing to go to a Burlesque show the other night to give me some ideas, on how I want to put my character, costume and overall appeal! I went home so full of energy that I couldn't fall asleep and instead practiced seducing myself in the mirror :P 

*Just a little Note : The performer below is Catherine D'Lish, a world renowned Burlesque dancer who wowed the Wise Hall, Saturday night with her classic martini glass number. Where she proceeded to strip down to nothing but a jeweled g-string and pasties, and spin around in a giant martini glass full of bubbly water! I couldn't stop staring from amazing, and there was a resounding amount of "OMG's" from the standing audience! It was truly the best burlesque I have ever witnessed! 

Well on that note...
I should really get off this computer and finish my valentines, 
so I can head out to poetry slam at a reasonable hour :)

Keep on creating you beautiful people!

Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc...

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  1. Creative thoughts back at you! Of course if you want to be pen pals. just email your addy :)