Friday, February 18, 2011

Productivity comes with a smile

A smile has come back to my pouty face, as I have come back down to the real world, and begun to get my things in order, instead of beating myself up about doing nothing. My Horoscope kinda pushed me into that direction this morning by stating :
If you focus all your energy in a single direction today you might just achieve something remarkable. There can be no more doubts and no more wondering if you are making the right move. Don’t think – act. And make it fast.

1.) Organized my online life :
Since I don't have a computer to call my own,
I end up racking up a large "to do" list 
pertaining to the Internet. 
This is what I completed tonight :

-Updating my myfavs for my phone to include my partners new number
-Booking off a night at the Pacific Cinematheque, 
which means individually copying and pasting each "spares" email address 
and sending out a mass email that has to be compelling enough 
to get them to want to cover the shift for me
-Registering my new Kryptonite bike lock online,
so that if I do happen to lose my keys I am not at a total loss
-Buy tickets to an awesome show tomorrow night called "Howl" at the Rio
where they are featuring the movies Howl and Naked Lunch
as well as showcasing some local talent in the city with live Jazz and Spoken Word

-Renew movies from the library (small but very important)
-Renew my subscription to the magazine Nylon, 
because as much as I don't need it I loved receiving it in the mail
(maybe I am just a mail whore... I can live with that!)
(This was actually the cover of the first Nylon 
that I bought back in 2004)

2.) Focused on one of my new goals for 2011 :
 Which is to start my own Etsy shop with my mom!
My mom has always been a very crafty inspiration for me, 
and I have always been boiling with creative ideas.
So I thought what better way to showcase that talent 
and start working towards doing what I love for a living,
then to start up my own Etsy account :)

We knit, sew, quilt, and embellish the boring! 
And are looking forward to bringing some spice into the lives of others!
We brainstormed a name tonight, and made list of all the possibilities we could create, 
and it just makes me all rosy in the cheeks thinking about it!
Stayed tuned for more information!

3.) Wrote a couple of snail letters :
(which just made me think about how cool it would be 
if I could find a rubber stamp with a snail on it! 
And of course I look on etsy and there are tons of them!)
This is just one of them :

The first one is to my sister who lives only a 30 min bus ride away from me
but also shares in the joy of a good letter, full of stickers and childhood references!
(It also has a surprise in it, but I can't mention it here for fear that she might read it...)

And the other is to my newish pen pal who because she only lives 
2 blocks away from me hand delivered my letter to me last night.
Hm mm I feel like I need to explain...
She's a partial friend to an ex of mines group of friends,
and even though we have met at a couple of parties we never 
really talked much even though I always thought we would get along.
So one day new Christmas I bumped into her walking with a parcel, 
and inquired about it, telling her how much I love mail (goodness I really am a mail nerd)
and she told me that she would send me things...
and so it began...
But she is unlike an other pen pal I have had in that she just sends me the tiniest of notes, 
and then odd clippings from different magazines, 
or old postcards, 
or old calendars... 
I am quite enjoying the oddity of this relationship 
and can't wait to see where it takes us.

Care to share anything that you have been putting off doing lately?
Or any goals that you want to conquer?

Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc...

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