Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Down and up?

I guess I am feeling how one usually does after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is over...
With my Birthday come and gone for another year, I am feeling kinda at a loss.

Its such a big event in my life, that every thing else (no matter how much I am looking forward to it) seems kinda bland in comparison on my day planner...

I also have a confession to make to you blog readers and friends (which really is the same thing)...

I have not been going to the gym as of lately...

*slaps wrists* Bad Nymph

Its just that I have fallen into this stupid vicious cycle where I have no energy so I don't want to go to the gym, and I have no energy because I haven't been going to the gym...

This cycle really will not end until I suck it up and start attending the gym again, no matter how many EXCUSES I can make up for me not to go...

As for tonight,
all I could muster was crawling into my bed
and my knitting, and turning off the world for a night.

I promise I will be back tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed, but for tonight I leave you with this poem I wrote for the occasion...

I decided to take it easy,
Since my mind was feeling queasy,
Pounding thoughts down the production line,
Leaving little for the cares of mine.

What about me?
And mine?
And the things I love that take time.
About caring for the condition inside my head,
When I know I should be at home in bed.

Saying yes is not always the answer,
and life isn't about finishing first.
So take the time you need to ponder,
and relax to quench that thirst.

Hope you enjoy,

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  1. I completely understand on the exercise front. I definitely meant to start running three times a week, but I just don't know WHEN I would do it. I was thinking before school, but I get up at six as it is, and I just don't think I could get up any earlier. It's a cycle though for sure... I keep getting out of breath from walking up a few flights of stairs in the art building! pathetic, haha. I hope you're feeling better today :)