Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lessons of a birthday weekend

In this midst of my 24th birthday weekend
(my birthday was actually yesterday, but I haven't had anytime to blog), 
there has been a lot of lessons to be had :

Trying to have expectations on how exactly a birthday should go is absolutely stupid!
Yesterday started off amazing with breakfast in bed, with fresh tulips by my side, 
a romantic movie on the telly, and knitting in hand. It was amazing! 
We lazed around for hours just being content by each others company.

Then when we decided to head out to do a crap load of errand (totally by my choice), 
the day started looking down. 
I hate making decisions, and I can sometimes be quite a baby about things not going the way that I plan them to.. IE. not finding exactly the tights I am looking for, for my Circus birthday today, or taking a long time deciding in stores...
The conclusion was getting into downtrodden moods for no apparent reasons...
I know every one reading this can relate to what happened to us yesterday. 
Walking around in the rain trying to find the perfect birthday restaurant, having not eaten since 10 am... and getting more and more angry with each other for no reason as the lights start to go out on my birthday evening.

Luckily! We ended up finding the perfect place... an Italian heaven right here on my very own street where we started our adventure. Live music, pasta, large glasses of white wine, mood lighting and an amazing waitress who grabbed a whole gang of her coworkers to sing me Happy Birthday, and bring me free dessert. 
Its funny how simple things like this can be just the key that one needs in order to turn around a gloomy evening. 
We ended the night off with ciders in a candlelit room, watching the movie "Heathers". Which I know this might lose me some of my awesome cred, but I had never seen it before, and well to be honest still need to watch the ending of because I have a chronic habit of falling asleep during movies, no matter how excited I am to watch them.

He left this morning early to work, and I am left on day two of my 
4 day birthday weekend with yesterdays lessons under my belt. 

Today (because I got all my errands done yesterday hahaha! )
I am going to spend in bed with my book and movie friends, relaxing, crafting, having a bath, maybe go out to my mans coffee shop a block away for a London fog... but most of all not being silly about stupid emotional shit cause I that does is try to ruin a night, day or weekend, and I won't stand for it.

Oh and I say relax all day to a certain point because I will have to start decorating for my over the top, under the big top, Circus birthday party this evening. Where I am turning my living room into a circus tent, my room into a photo booth, myself into a sexy ring master, and my friends all into carnival freaks. 

Yes I love my life, and treat my birthdays like national holidays.
Hence why it is so important for me for me to take the lessons of yesterday and 
take a breath every once in a while, 
and take comfort in the fact that everything in the end,
is going to be peachy keen. 

*Photos from tonight's party will be up within the week, so keep posted!*

- Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc.

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