Monday, February 28, 2011

Moody Mondays

Cramps over came me with full force today,
So I decided to call it a night in.

Alerted the kettle,
switched the faucets above the bath,
pulled out the exotic teas,
and filled the water baby with piping hot liquids for my tummy.

I haven't made a full meal for myself alone in ages,
so I wrapped up a bulb of garlic in tin foil,
set the burners ablazing with pots of noodles and tomato sauce,
and cooked myself a beautiful pasta dinner.

Sometimes you have to remember that even when its just you,
you should pull out all the stops...

I sprinkled on chili goat cheese and cilantro, made garlic toast, and
pressed play on my library "film fest acclaimed" movie find.
Curled up with my water bottle, and called it a night.

Sometimes its worth it to love yourself first...

Night my lovelies <3


  1. Want to know a secret? Milk products work too.. something about the natural hormones in the milk. :)

  2. Ohhhh nice! good to know, especially since I love milk :)