Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feeling Full and Fancy Free

(When I paused the movie "Footloose" to go grab some tea,
this is what happened :)... )

With another week under my utility belt,
I'm feeling better about my "post birthday" state,
and feeling the full force of lovely friendships and gatherings.

1.) Sunday adventures :
Last Sunday I had possibly one of the fullest (and cheapest) days in a long time.

I awoke with my love after a drunken night of "Naked Lunch" and poetry,
and dragged our heavy heads, out of bed for some yoga making times.
Now if you've been following my blog for a bit, or know me in real life,
you would know that as much as I would love to have yoga be a daily,
or even bi-weekly part of my life, I haven't gotten there for a while now...
but my man is a daily yogateer and more importantly a regular POWER yoga bum...
So I fought my insecurities and joined him for what
I knew would be an intense early morning power yoga practice at our local studio.
It started with a rough start, but as the class continued,
it got easier to follow along, and was actually a more pleasurable challenging class.
One part in particular stuck with me throughout the day,
which was when we got into groups of 3
and we asked to assist each other in supported hand stands...
Yea... freaking right... was what my mind was first thinking,
but as we got into it, I watched those around me making their way into perfect hand stands.
And all that fear disappeared, and I was able to focus on my posture in the pose.

When we all came down and back onto our mats,
with open hearts and happy faces,
I was much more happier and thankful for the oppurtunity
to try something I didn't think that I could do.

 After class I met up with my sister, and childhood best friend Monica,
for an adventure date downtown.
Our first stop was the Pacific Cinematheque for the Disney classic "Pinocchio",
with a pre film redition of many Disney tunes, by a band
and words by a  historian on the topic.
It was great to see such a childhood classic on the big screen!

Then we ventured to the Vancouver Art Gallery to check out their new exhibits :
We - 12 Manifesto's  for the city was on the main floor,
which was very informative and exciting. It was nice to see what is going on in Vancouver to bring some knowledge about big topics to the people,
as well as see some intrest being sparked about all the
cool happenings going on around us.
Ken Lum's work and Unreal were both an interesting look on human nature,
and were some of the best work I have seen at the art gallery in a while.
It was really refreshing to see some out of the box work being
presented at the gallery, for a change.
To cap off our night we hit my favorite Indian food restaurant for dinner, and then went back to my house for a couple of rounds of travel scrabble, and Disney pixar monopoly.
It was a really great day!

2.) Burlesque Show :
As I mentioned, I had my first Burlesque performance in quite a long time, a few days ago.
And as much as I would love to say that it went off without a hitch, I can't state that.
Although what I can say, is that even with all the improvization we had to do on the spot to make our act work (because one of our members had to leave early), we really rocked in and the audience totally ate it up!
Even when the chocolate in my bra melted and I was cover with a big brown splotch on the side of my boob, I just shrugged it off and licked my fingers clean :)

I was very lucky to have wonderful friends who got there early and saved two tables right at the front of the stage, where they hooted and hollared for me loudly as I bared my body on stage. I am really blessed to have these people in my life :)

3.) Knit bombing : Although I have yet to do my own knit bombing (was going to try the other night), I am very excited about this phenomenon that is happening in the city right now. This is just some I got to check out the other day on my street :

Feel free to send me some pictures if you find some great examples in your city!

Well thats all for now folks as I need to get out in this sunshine before its too late!
Tata for now!
    Love Nymph

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