Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Magic

As I have already expressed the rest of my weekend was utterly amazing,
but Valentines really took the cake :)
It was a dreary rainy day but that didn't stop us 
from making out own magic in the kitchen...
Dressed in our Valentines finest, 
we proceeded to make heart and boot shaped 
sugar cookies.
Now I know you understand the hearts, 
but your probably thinking,
"Whats so romantic about a boot?"

Well my loves, 
truth be told my favorite nickname for my man,
is to call him my "old boot"
as he is over half my age older than me,
and I love rubbing it in his face.
So you can imagine how excited I was to pop into Ming Wo
to find a boot shaped cookie cutter
amongst their airplanes, and giraffes.
 I made the sugar cookies, 
and he made the vanilla and lemon zest
sugar icing, which made our cookies to die for!
We followed up our cookie making with a cuddle fest,
on rose petal covered sheets,
whilst watching "The Notebook", 
before heading to a show that evening at the Rio.

For our lovely Valentines evening enjoyment
a local band "Said the Whale" was to be headlining, 
What a night!
Not to mention there was a computer error,
that sold too many tickets for the venue 
so the theatre was so crowded
that people were sitting in the isles and standing by the stage.
 But that didn't stop the vibe from being,
totally uplifting, and full of love.
It was a gong show of awesomeness.

Hope you all had an equally amazing Valentines!
Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxo etc...


  1. This one made me laugh. I love you my bun.

  2. aw you went and saw said the whale? i'm in love with them. they're so wonderful. as is your beautiful red dress!! xoxo