Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost 100!

Hey All you out there in Blog Land. I am almost at my 100th post and to celebrate I am going to be doing a little give away.
I just put my heart and soul into making a one of a kind acorn badge for one lucky winner (the one featured is the one that I made for myself many moons back and used as the template for my giveaway). When I have reached my 100th post in a couple of days, please follow my blog, and comment to enter, and I will then pick the winner and send them out their little earthy badge as well as a couple of other adorable items in a lovely care package (*cough* maybe a homemade Pippi Longstocking button *cough*). So stayed tuned for the day when my blog turns 100!

For now please enjoy a couple of roses I have enjoyed this week, with keeping in the giving spirit :

- On a night walk around my neighbourhood, Nate and I stumbled on a giant rosemary bush with a pair of scissors and a sign on it that said "Rosemary : good for cooking with chicken, and veggies, please use the provided scissors and take as much as you need. Enjoy!" I couldn't stop smiling and just cut a little piece for the palm of my hand :)

- Whilst out dancing the other night, it was nearing the end of the night and there was a girl standing by the dance floor and looking uncomfortable as a guy started dancing up on her. I could see that she was trying to make eye contact with one of her friends but none of them saw what was happening... so I managed to get her to look at me, and called her over. Looking relieved and oh so thankful she proceeded to come down the steps to the dance floor and hugged me tight, as we danced and sang to the next song which just happened to be "Good Vibrations". I reassured her that I was just following the simple girl code, where one must always take care of her fellow female, and that I would have done anything to help her. Its really lovely that I feel so comfortable with other women, as I know many who are still a little reserved around fully interacting with strangers, but I see it more as a six degrees of seperation, where really everyone is just one step away from being a close friend.

- Last night whilst volunteering at the Pacific Cinematheque, I asked my friend the projectionist if I could pay a visit to the theater's projection booth sometime, not expecting that he would invite me up for the second film that night to see him work some 35 mm film reels through changeovers. It was amazing to be up there in that dark sweaty room, looking out over the backs of movie goers heads and watching for the reel change clues which are transparent to the untrained eye. What a treat, to get such a insiders eye view of a movie theater, and to get a lesson in film maintenance.

What has happened to you this week that made you or others, over the moon happy?
    Love Britt
xoxoxoxo etc...

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