Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From Small Beginnings Come Great Things

There's an exciting new opportunity that has come into my life that I would now like to share with you all...
My lovely friend Vanessa Ooms and new friend Jil Freeman, have joined forces and started their own weekly publication called "The Filter" about events in East Vancouver.
My partner Nathan, signed on to this new venture from the very beginning as one of the writers, as he has an extensive writing portfolio, and has had his work published consecutively since 2007.
For me my commitment to the newspaper came a bit later, as I was worried about finding the time to write on top of all my prior commitments. But when the idea came to me that I could write about the activities that I already participate in around our neighbourhood, the idea of writing didn't seem so daunting, and actually started to feel quite inspiring.
I can't express in words how excited I am for this paper launch on June 17th, and how proud I am of these women for putting this together. It is going to be a wonderful chapter in my life, and the doors of endless possibilities are flying open all over!

Another exciting aspect of this paper writing venture, is a new way for Nate and I to relate to each other. Since we are sharing space in the Filter, we are acting as sounding boards for each other. I am really grateful to have him as a partner through this as he is such a mentor to my writing and is helping to dive head first into this new project. This morning we met up at my place and nestled into my bed together with our matching Macbooks, and ran over the final edits of our articles before sending them off to Vanessa. Tuesdays are usually are date days, but this took it further than that as I felt like we were connecting on a higher level with each other as we now had a new medium to relate on.
 Update on my seed bombs! 
(As promised!)

After our writing and some lovely breakfast at Bon's. We biked home, and along the way tried to spread my seed bombs. We learned quickly though that they were way to hard to just be thrown and needed to be crumbled up in order to be spread on the ground. 
We took the rest of them to my local park and crumbled them there on the grass, and called it a day. 
They probably would have turned out softer if I had used the compost instead of just plain old soil, but oh well I know better for next time. 

I hope you all are having a lovely lazy rainy Tuesday!
I've got my last pottery class tonight so
tune in tomorrow to see the wares I have created this summer!
Love Britt

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