Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seed Bombing


This year I have tried my hand at yarn bombing,
and now I am taking it to the next level,
with Gorilla Gardening to the max...
Seed Bombing!

My friend attended an event at
hackspace a little while back, 
and wrangled me up a couple of seed bombing
kits to create some little bombers of my own. 

Basically the kit comes with instructions (*phew*),
red clay powder and seeds, for easy construction. 
All you need to do is add, 
 (I added garden soil instead since my compost is chalk full 
of wormy friends!)
and a half cup of water. 

Then after warming my roommates that these
weren't tasty baking treats, 
(because my kitchen presence is generally followed by warm pies cooling on window sills,
and cookies for assorted clubs)  
I rolled them out on a cookie sheet,
where they are set to dry for the next couple of days.

I will do an update once they are ready for launching :)


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