Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best To Count Your Blessings

       Its times like these that I see the need to count my blessings rather than curse being as broke as I am.
       Most of the time I have a grasp on my money situation... and then there are times like these when I expect to at least have a mere $4 in my account, and I actually have - $17 because my pre authorized charity payment of $15 came out, which also charged me an overdraft fee of $5 and a service fee of $2 just to rub it in a little further.
       Instead of looking at myself like a number, like society often makes me feel like, I am taking into consideration all the wonderful things that I have in my life...
- I have a wonderful friends who send me videos like this to cheer me up...
- And other friends who support me by inviting me to come to any of their comedy shows for free in Vancouver, just to give them in return my smiling face in their audience :)
- Having two amazing jobs, that allow me to :  have time off, pay my rent on time, and the freedom to think for myself in situations.
- Having some (not a lot, but some) food in my fridge, and knowing when my next pay check will come, which is more than a lot of people can say when they have minus $17 to their name.
- Not being in debt : This is something that I have struggled with for quite sometime now and this will be my last month of paying back my loan every month... that's $150 more in my pocket than in the hands of my bank
- Being able to find the free pleasures in Vancouver like...
 The amazing resource that is the Vancouver Public Library (I am a very big library nerd). 
As well as...
Finding new paths to bike down, and exploring the city for all that its worth.

- I am lucky enough to have a wonderful partner in my life, as well as a supportive family network, who will take care of me when I need it most. Bringing me coffee's and blocks of cheese, when I have none, and keeping me company when I am worried no one else will.
- I know this sounds like a silly point but it is also important to me. Its the fact that I have the means to make my crafts. I am lucky that even in the most downtrodden of times I still have the materials to make my wares to keep me warm and occupied. That I can go out today knowing that there is always something that can keep me occupied in my evenings, that is as rewarding for me, as going out on the town.
So what I am really trying to say, 
is that if you ever are feeling the crunch of hard times biting at your earlobes,
tell it to bugger off by listing all the things that you have going for you,
and you will find that that list is much bigger,
and more rewarding than any meager bank statement. 

Love Britt

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