Friday, June 15, 2012

My Very Own Pottery Wares

Tuesday night was my graduation from my very first pottery class,
and it did really feel like a graduation.
The teacher brought in a bunch of her homemade tea pots, 
and mugs, and we dined on assorted teas, wine, cheeses,
and cookies whilst having an open house of sorts browsing a semesters worth of art. 
(There's my two matching brown cups to the right!)
The class consisted of around 7 people on average, 
and we learned a variety of different methods for working the clay such as :
wheel throwing, free throwing, coils, and molds.
The two cups in the front I made on the wheel (with lots of concentration mind you),
and the cereal bowls in the back I made using a method where you 
line an already existing bowl with plastic and a doily and then press clay evenly
into the bowl to create a new one with a beautifully unique design.
I free handed these buttons, for a cardigan that I am working on,
and am glad that they turned out almost the exact color of the sweater. 
I made a bunch extra just in case some of them didn't fire properly, which two of them didn't so I am glad to have the extras, and may even try to make a wind chime out of them since they sound so beautiful together. 

Well there are all my pieces (plus I did get to make a small mug and another bowl at the beginning of class that aren't featured here), so you do get to make quite a few things in one semester. 
I can't wait to take the next class! I may just take the beginner one over again to hone my skills,
 and also to review them as it may not be until next spring that I get to take it since it is back to college for me in the fall  :)

Much love and crafty bliss!
Love Britt

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